Elementary Teachers

Brian Lee

Brian Lee, Principal
leeb@windsorcusd.org, Website

Randi Yager

Shelby Storm, First Grade

Emily Imig

Emily Imig, Kindergarten
imige@windsorcusd.org, Website

Theresa Ehr

Theresa Ehr, Kindergarten

Whitney Babbs

Whitney Babbs, First Grade
babbsw@windsorcusd.org, Website

Denise Sentel

Denise Sentel, Second Grade
dsentel@windsorcusd.org, Website #1 Website #2

Kayla Hart

Kayla Hart, Third Grade

Joslyn Scherzer

Joslyn Scherzer, Third Grade
scherzerj@windsorcusd.org, Website #1 Website #2

Julie Bernstein

Julie Bernstein, Fourth Grade
jkb@windsorcusd.org, Website #1 Website #2

Cindy McIlwain

Cindy McIlwain, Fifth Grade
cmac@windsorcusd.org, Website #1 Website #2

Hannah Imig

Hannah Imig, 6th Grade
imigh@windsorcusd.org, Website

Mariah Bolin

Maria Bolin, PE
bolinml@windsorcusd.org, Website

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith, District Social Worker
smithl@windsorcusd.org, Website #1 Website #2

Ginger Handy

Ginger Handy, Reading Specialist
handyg@windsorcusd.org, Website

Teacher Name

Mrs.Prasun, Learning Resource
tprasun@windsorsucd.org, Website

Kris Marsland

Christina Wise, Art

Ryann Ibanez

Ryann Ibanez, Early Childhood
ibanezr@windsorcusd.org, Website

Vanessa Fritscche

Vanessa Fritscher, District Speech Therapist

Teacher Name

Bruce Brewer, Technology Specialist
brewerb@windsorcusd.org, Website

Justin Hunt

Justin Hunt, Music and Band

Rick King

Rick King, Resource

Monica Carl

Monica Carl, Librarian and PE
carlm@windsorcusd.org, Website

Amy Greuel

Amy Greuel, Aide

Missy Hendrickson

Missy Hendrickson, Elementary Secretary

Julie Finley

Julie Finley, Head Cook