Brian Lee

Brian Lee, Principal, Website

Shelby Beltz

Shelby Beltz, First Grade

Hana Mast

Hana Mast, Kindergarten

Whitney Babbs

Whitney Babbs, First Grade, Website

Denise Sentel

Denise Sentel, Second Grade, Website #1 Website #2

Joslyn Scherzer

Joslyn Scherzer, Third Grade, Website #1 Website #2

Julie Bernstein

Julie Bernstein, Fourth Grade, Website #1 Website #2

Cindy McIlwain

Cindy McIlwain, Fifth Grade, Website #1 Website #2

Brad Bloemer

Brad Bloemer, 6th Grade

Mariah Bolin

Mariah Bolin, PE, Website

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith-Sines, District Social Worker, Website #1 Website #2

Ginger Handy

Ginger Handy, Reading Specialist, Website

Jo Grgurich

Jo Grgurich, Learning Resource

Kris Marsland

Christina Wise, Art

Vanessa Fritscche

Vanessa Fritscher, District Speech Therapist

Teacher Name

Bruce Brewer, Technology Specialist, Website

Justin Hunt

Justin Hunt, Music and Band

Rick King

Rick King, Resource

Monica Carl

Monica Carl, Librarian and PE, Website

Amy Greuel

Amy Greuel, Aide

Missy Hendrickson

Missy Hendrickson, Elementary Secretary

Julie Finley

Julie Finley, Head Cook

Amber Perry

Amber Perry , Library Aidee

Kristin Hamilton

Kristin Hamilton , Nurse