WHS Varsity Scholastic Bowl Award Winners (pictured L to R):
Joel Beck and Sterling Howard.

WHS Fresh/Soph 3rd Place NTC Team (pictured L to R): Back Row:
Payton Nichols, Logan Greuel, Maranda Tarvin, Max Carr. Front Row: Zoe Nichols, Faith Higgs, Pyrinthia Ballinger, Liam Hortenstine.

WHS Fresh/Soph Scholastic Bowl Award Winners (pictured L to R):
Payton Nichols, Maranda Tarvin, and Max Carr.

At the recent NTC Varsity Scholastic Bowl tournament, Sterling Howard  made the 1st team all-conference and Joel Beck made 2nd team all-conference.  Both students are seniors at Windsor High School.

At the recent NTC Fresh-Soph Schlastic Bowl tournament, Maranda Tarvin and Max Carr made the 1st team all-conference and Payton Nichols made 2nd team all-conference.  Maranda and Payton are sophomores and Max is a freshman at Windsor High School.

The NTC Fresh-Soph Scholastic Bowl Tournament was held at Dieterich on Tuesday Feb. 14.  The Windsor Fresh-Soph team placed 3rd at the tournament.